Change that ‘no’ into a firm ‘yes’ with some clever copy. One of the best things about running a successful ecommerce business is seeing happy customers. But convincing the doubters and the naysayers feels even better. Here’s some strategies to help convert doubters to believers, all through the power of words.

Grab the bull by the horns

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Don’t be shy with your sales copy. This is not the moment to be humble and dance around the topic. (You have to ABSOLUTELY believe in your product to be able to sell it. If you don’t believe in your product, go back and make it better).

Many people make the mistake of being too afraid to mention the ‘O’ word. But mentioning objections is healthy. It makes you more real.

  • Don’t be afraid to go for the jugular and tackle big objections head-on. Openly address objections in your copy, revealing your customers’ biggest fears and disarming them in one fell swoop. Say what they are thinking, and you’ll have them in the palm of your hands.

What to do if you’re more expensive?

Are you competing against pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap competitors? You might never be able to compete with them on price…So how do you get customers to spend their hard-earned cash with you instead?

Well you know that cheap isn’t always the best. Here’s what you can say to convince others:

  • Congratulate the user on making a good choice. Make them feel like they’ve discovered you. Make them feel special to disarm them.
  • Emphasise all the other benefits you offer like great customer service and delivery guarantees. Price isn’t the only value-metric people will measure.
  • Be honest about why you charge what you do. Explain the commitment that goes into what you sell, but don’t offload.

What if they’re not feeling the rush?

Sometimes buyers don’t buy because they don’t feel like they have to. They might still have some lingering questions, or they just want to be ‘sure’. It’s your job to speed their thinking up and resolve any final reservations they have.

  • Make it clear that offers are time-sensitive.
  • Use urgent language in your call to actions like ‘now’, ‘only today’, ‘expires in 5 hours’ etc. Here are some great tips for writing with urgency.
  • Offer an extra incentive for a quick sale.
  • Use a timer to prompt the buyer to complete their transaction.

Prove it with social proof

People buy popular products, and people trust people.

Sometimes people don’t buy because they don’t want to be the only ones who have.

Dissuade your customers’ fears about being lumbered with an unpopular product by showcasing previous happy customers.

  • Use reviews, case studies and testimonials liberally and include them in key decision-making moments.
  • Favour local and real-looking endorsements with a full name, photo and town, over anonymous ‘Mr X’ reviews which don’t inspire confidence.
  • Make your store seem buzzy with plenty of reviews, comments and shares.
  • Encourage interactions and follow-ups via social media to build trust. Just remember to nurture your social profiles and monitor them for any issues; an angry customer can go viral very fast.
  • Advertise best sellers and customer favourites prominently to add a bit of social pressure to the sales journey.

Reassure with guarantees

What if something goes wrong? What if I can’t return it?

These are some of the common objections people have to buying online. Don’t let your prospects think like this about you!

  • People will abandon a purchase because if they feel like the risk is too high. Make sure that trust signals are displayed prominently at crucial moments like registration and payment.
  • B2B? Include logos and professional badges to build credibility.
  • Link to T&C’s pages, delivery and returns information and any other essential information. Make the relevant information easy to find and don’t make people dig.
  • Be just as bold with your guarantees as you are with your sales copy.

How to send out persuasive cart abandonment emails

Sometimes your copy has to work hard even after a sale is made. What makes people abandon shopping carts? The truth is, there could be a number of objections, so here are some ways to address them in your email campaign:

  • “I can’t really afford this right now”: offer a discount voucher, or emphasise the importance of treating yourself with your product.
  • “I didn’t trust the site”: reassure the customer with your T&C’s and trust signals.
  • “The process was too complicated”: reassure the customer that the process is simple and give them more guidance.

Test different approaches and monitor return rates. Still stuck? Here are some more great cart abandonment emails to get you inspired. Check out for expert advice on how to find the best ecommerce opportunities for you.