Quicker development times, lower costs and bug elimination are just some of the ways that Rapid Application Development benefits our customers.

he term Rapid Application Development (RAD) has become more generic since its earliest use in 1991, where the use of an iterative development style and the construction of prototypes was first considered. These days, it is widely used to describe the use of various techniques to speed up application development.

Why we use Rapid Application Development

Since our inception in 1994, we have assessed and adopted various methods, tools and techniques to improve the service we provide for our customers.  We don’t rest on our laurels and constantly strive to improve.

The introduction of the latest RAD tools has helped us respond to the demands of the marketplace for quicker design and deployment of software.

Our extensive scaffolding technology toolkit, shared Wiki, developer standards and regular meetings, and all important reusable code repositories enable us to build applications in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Rapid Application Development Benefits

We don’t believe any other company adopts our approach to fusing traditional and new development methods. By choosing Neo Web Solution for your software solutions, you’ll not only get quality software; thanks to our RAD approach, you’ll also get:

  • Quicker development times – we automate the coding of standard application functions like adding and viewing records, viewing lists of records, searching, and filtering and all general database interaction.  This drastically reduces the time needed to build the application, resulting in earlier delivery.
  • Lower costs – dispensing of the need to write basic code means you pay for less development time, therefore significantly reducing the overall cost of the project.
  • Uncompromised planning – just because we’re developing at speed, doesn’t mean we take short-cuts. We are careful to retain our personal touch and fastidious approach to planning. We combine our approach to prototyping with rapid application development tools to deliver a carefully crafted, complete blueprint for your new system or application.
  • Standardised coding that eliminates bugs – our automation tools use a standard process to create foundation code.  This consistency eliminates bugs and makes it easier for the code to be supported long-term.