Every ecommerce website must be designed for a specific audience — and we could all do with a little inspiration from time to time, right??

The first thing to do after building out your store with your products and configuring basic platform settings is to create high-converting landing pages. These should adhere to a consistent design for your ecommerce brand — and help you communicate your USPs.

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Of course, there are (great) pre-designed templates in Shopify and WooCommerce themes, but these won’t help you stand out in your niche until you customize them for your visitors.

Here are a few of the best ecommerce stores to get you fired up for some web store designing:

Tesla shop – Multipurpose store

Marketing Automation Expert brand5

Tesla is a multipurpose store featuring vehicle accessories, charging gear, and an apparel range.

The logo of this ecommerce store is a perfect example of its materialistic design — very appropriate for the tech niche.

They have used simple fonts and appropriate white space to give the site a unique visual aesthetic. This Tesla website is created using Shopify Plus.

Vestique– Fashion store

Marketing Automation Expert Vestique

There are many different ways to build an online store — one of the favorites is WooCommerce.

Vestique is a perfect example of an elegant, WooCommerce-made fashion store.

The front end of this store has an awesome UX.

If you want to check out a simple store with a nice clean design, take style tips from this online boutique.

Inkbox– Tattoo store

Marketing Automation Expert Inkbox scaled

Inkbox is an ecommerce store backed by a creative idea.

They use the ideal mix of modern and minimalist design, so there is always room for creativity.

The best thing about adopting a minimalist style is that it tends to work in a variety of sectors, allowing for growth.

Minaal– Accessory store

Marketing Automation Expert minaal

Minaal is one of the most successful online stores in the travel gear niche. It was started by two guys from New Zealand.

They were able to generate 70 times more $$$ than they initially hoped when launching their Kickstarter.

The landing page of this ecommerce store is really great and the navigation is intuitive.

Sunday Somewhere– Eyewear store

Marketing Automation Expert sunday somewhere 3

Sunday Somewhere is a Shopify store that’s been running since 2010.

It is recognized as a worldwide brand thanks to its retina-ready templates, and the brand’s unique marketing strategy. This web store sells high quality frames for men and women.

Vremi– Kitchen accessories store

Marketing Automation Expert vremi

Vremi has a modern logo with a handcrafted design feel that you will love.

This is one of the best stores that proves that when it comes to ecommerce store design — less is more.

The real reason behind this site’s uniqueness is its attractive color palette.

Bootea– Tea store

Marketing Automation Expert bootea

Bootea is a store with millions of customers worldwide. It sells detox tea and is known for its great range of products mainly marketed via Instagram.

It has modernistic pages and a clean UI.

You will see a store selection request box which is created for geo-targeting — a good idea for multichannel retailers.

Concrete Minerals– Cosmetics store

Marketing Automation Expert concrete

This store is a perfect example of clean design. Unique color combinations sit alongside eye-catching images.

Concrete Minerals is a high-end store featuring vegan cosmetics. They create preservative-free products.

Press London– Juice store

Marketing Automation Expert press

This store uses one of the most popular design trends: retro style. This Shopify shop is known to make juices that add nutrition to daily lives in a delicious way. The entry point of this site has a retro look, and ample white space allows for future customization.

Product widgets are simplistic, as they don’t need many fancy fonts.