Day 1: You do an Email Blast! 

Day 2: You again do an Email Blast!

Day 3: You do nothing different here, the same!

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What’s happening above is something that most marketers do these days. And the sad thing is that they do think that email blasting is effective (while it’s actually not)! 

There are two reasons why email blasting is still being practiced. 

One – People are too lazy to segment their audience based on a diverse range of criteria and send personalized emails. 

Two – People have no idea about what is being done in reason 1. So they just send emails on a daily basis (and stay happy) hoping that they would be getting enough conversions. 

We do accept that segmenting audience and sending personalized emails takes time when done manually. 

But what if there’s a solution? Tools that could help you do all of this and more? 

They do exist and they are called “email automation tools”. 

Before we get to the tools part, let’s have a brief look at what email automation is and what are the benefits of using an email marketing automation tool.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

The phrase says it all! 

Email automation is nothing but sending emails to your audience on a timely basis (with relevant information) which is actually triggered by an action. And with email automation in place, businesses and online stores can expect a huge number of benefits which eventually would scale up their revenue. Below mentioned are a few important benefits of email automation. 

1. Create Automated Email Drip Campaigns

2. Segment Audience Based on Criteria

3. Increase Customer LTV 

4. Scale Up Your ROI

5. Send Personalized Email to Customers

6. Increase Brand Awareness

Whilst there are a lot of other benefits one would get using email automation for business, let’s just skip this part and actually look into the list of top 5 email automation tools that we’ve compiled for you!

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the best-known email marketing automation tools in the industry because it’s easy to use and gives you a diverse array of email marketing tools. All from one single platform. By using MailChimp, you’re able to: 

  • Send drip emails based on website activity and user behavior. 
  • Automate routine tasks 
  • Customize sign up forms 
  • Send targeted emails and email blasts 
  • Stay up to date with detailed reporting and analytics. 
  • Integrate your ecommerce store and more., 

MailChimp also allows you to send emails for up to 2000 subscribers in its free version. MailChimp is an ideal solution if you are looking for tons of integration opportunities and you are having a huge subscribers list.

2. Retainful

When it comes to ecommerce stores, Retainful is simply the best. With Retainful in your marketing stack, you get to recover a huge percent of your lost sales by sending automated emails to your visitors. This freemium plugin is quite user-friendly and lets you create automated email campaigns and send unlimited cart recovery emails to visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart. There are a lot of other things you can be doing with Retainful:  

  • Schedule and Automate Cart Recovery Email Templates: Retainful allows you to create and send automated cart recovery emails at regular time intervals. You can either choose from existing email templates or create one on your own. 
  • One-Click Cart Recovery: One click is all that’s needed for your target audience to reach out to their abandoned cart. Retainful’s cart recovery emails that are being sent at regular time intervals allows audience to go directly to their abandoned cart by clicking on the link within the email. This helps in driving higher conversions. 
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Insights: Retainful helps you keep track of your abandoned carts once you’ve set up cart recovery emails. And also gives you real-time tracking features that help you stay more aware as to how your automated email campaign is performing. 
  • Next Order Coupon Generator: Retainful also allows you to generate next order coupons and send them along with the mail when your visitor completes his/her purchase. 

Other Benefits You Get When Using Retainful:

  • Unlimited Cart Recovery Emails
  • Email Collection Popup
  • Coupon for Email Collection
  • Drip / Sequential Email Reminders
  • Countdown Timer with Auto Coupon
  • Premium Email Templates
  • Analytics & Support

Retainful, an email automation tool for abandoned cart recovery does its job when it comes to its section. With three versions (free, pro and business) Retainful is a must-have tool if you are running an online store. It helps you convert customers that you most likely wouldn’t have had over a period of time. 

3. SendinBlue

SendinBlue, another marketing automation tool comes with both email SMS marketing features. By using SendinBlue, you get to: 

  • Create attractive and professional newsletters
  • Send transactional emails
  • Make use of readymade automation workflow templates
  • Smart schedule your email delivery timings
  • Build a dynamic email list
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Leverage the power of personalization
  • Segment audience based on their user activity and more

SendinBlue allows you to send up to 300 emails per day to an unlimited number of subscribers in its free version. If you ask for two reasons why you should be using SendinBlue it’s because of its powerful audience segmentation features and transactional emails. Sendinblue’s paid version starts from as low as $25 per month. 

4. MailerLite

MailerLite was started off in the year 2010, aspiring to give businesses a powerful email solution that could help with their growth. With MailerLite, you can: 

  • Create Campaigns
  • Grow Subscribers
  • Deliver Targeted & Personalized Emails
  • Track Automated Email Campaign Reports
  • Integrate and Connect with API’s
  • Custom Design Your Landing Page and more., 

It should be noted that MailerLite is relatively cheap when compared to most of the other email marketing automation tools. If you are a freelancer or you run a business with a limited number of subscribers you should definitely consider opting for MailerLite. Because it’s easy to use and promising. 

5. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is another email marketing software that helps you to grow your audience and eventually your income. Just like most of the other email marketing automation tools, ConvertKit allows you to:

  • Create Sign up forms and Landing pages
  • Understand your audience and segment them
  • Send personalized emails to segmented audience
  • Engage customers with automated emails
  • Duplicate an email and resend to those who haven’t gone through your email. 
  • Track conversions on homepage dashboard and more

ConvertKit does not have any free versions but they allow you to try it for free. The base plan starts at $29 per month. 

Convertkit suits best for companies who look forward to running automated email campaigns that are extremely targeted.

The Verdict

While you’ve understood how important it is to use email automation, it’s equally important that you choose the best email automation marketing tool for your business.

We’ve been through a list of email marketing automation tools with each one of them being special in their own way. It’s you who has to choose what’s best for your business by doing calculated research, taking into consideration the price factors and the benefits!